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Visually stimulating, soft orange roses are grounded by glistening river rocks while birds of paradise mimic shooting stars in the sky.

This is the idea, but thinking a much fuller base of pink/orange flowers (roses/cala lilies) with the birds sticking out at a few different heights)

Phacelia tanacetifolia

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Calla lilies, even though they are not true white calla lilys, I still like them.

Green pink cala lily, one of my favorite flowers. So beautiful, nature is amazing

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Trailing fuchsia ‘Paloma’ Single flowers with pink sepals and a light pink corolla.

How To Choose The Perfect Flower For Your Occasion - Infographic

How To Choose The Perfect Flower For Your Occasion - Infographic

roses - Comunidade - Google+

El Ajedréz del alma-------------------------> (Alice y the white rabbit): El ajedréz del alma

Reynolda Gardens - Most Beautiful Flower

Corkscrew Vine (Vigna Caracalla) flower in Reynolda Gardens, North Carolina, by mbtphoto.very intriguing vine:):)

Gardenias have won the hearts of gardeners for their exquisite scent and beauty. As beautiful as gardenias are, they are a shrub. And like many shrubs, gardenias can benefit from being pruned. Click here for more.

Pruning Gardenias - Tips For When And How To Prune A Gardenia

Gardenias will set their flower buds for the next year in the fall. So pruning in the summer will allow you to cut back some of the older wood without risking cutting away newly set buds.


Mallow, French Hollyhock (Malva sylvestris) 'Zebrina' I hope mine from seed look like this when they bloom!