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The classic 1930s and 1950s Silver Arrows from Mercedes count as some of the most beautiful racing cars ever designed. But what might a 21st Century version look like? 38-year old Korean-American Hubert Lee - the creative director of Mercedes' LA desig...

LA Design Challenge 2011: Mercedes Silver Arrow

The new Mercedes Silver Arrow, designed by Hubert Lee for the 2011 LA Design Challenge

Out of a fairy tale, but real:  Church of the Transfiguration -- Kizhi Pogost , Russia..

Wooden Church in Kizhi, Russia. Kizhi Pogost, a century site on an island in Lake Onega in Russia. This picture is a pogost, a church. This building is still around after 400 years - and it's made out of wood!

House in New Leiden by 24H Architecture: A "canyon" that "flows through the house and encloses the stairs" is oriented in such a way "that light falls to the lower floors. The walls of the canyon," which are the only walls in the house, divide the space, either affording privacy or allowing in daylight. The canyon winds through every room. "The facade is an echo of the canyon." Caption at link, photo by Boris Zeisser

Amazing New Townhouses in Leiden by 24H Architecture

Architects have designed some houses in Nieuw Leyden, which is in the north of the city of Leiden, in The Netherlands. I like the mix of wood with brick, it adds contrast. I also like the unique design on the wood

News from the land of the blind eye~ Almost daily some company or movie grosses a huge amount.

You decide what kind of world this is. wow that puts things into perspective!

The 5 Pins You Need to See This Week

The 5 Pins You Need to See This Week

Yes, the graphic and saying is overused nowadays. But the story behind it is really neat. Keep Calm and Carry On.

The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

THE STORY OF KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. A short film that tells the story behind the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster. Its origins at the beginning of WWII and its rediscovery in a bookshop in England in becoming one of the iconic images of the century.

Sometimes you just need a short, powerful video to start a meeting, an event, or a presentation -- something that really makes everyone sit up straight and start listening.  This list offers up some meeting opener videos that will leave you feeling energized and excited. Almost all of these videos are under five minutes.

5-Minute Film Festival: Best Kickoff Videos

Collaborative Learning Builds Deeper Understanding -- A great video about what some schools are doing to motivate students to want to learn!

How should we treat addiction?  The leader of the largest alternative to AA sounds off on why 12 steps shouldn't be the only model for sobriety  BY JOE SCHRANK, THE FIX

How should we treat addiction?

American Society of Addiction Medicine characterizes addiction as a “primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry.

11 Best Quotes Of Modern Movies. -----I was shocked by how emotional the movie "Click" was and how surprisingly great Adam Sandler was, mainly in the second half in the movie.

11 Best Movies Quotes of 21st Century

Zelda Fitzgerald's Art

Zelda Fitzgerald’s Little-Known Art

Central Park, one of the little-known art pieces of Zelda Fitzgerald, "the first American flapper". See more with Brain Pickings!