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Draft Horses

After World War II the Brabant was bred in Europe to be thicker bodied and more drafty, with heavy feathering on the legs, while in the United States the Belgian was bred to be taller, lighter bodied and clean legged.

The Belgian horse or Belgian draft horse, also known as Belgian Heavy Horse. It is one of the strongest of the heavy breeds.

Blue Brabant Draft Horse  -- well I am in love...its sooooo fluffy!

Blue roan Brabant Draft Horse stallion - photography by Mark Barrett Oh God how I love Blue Roans!

Brabant Draft Horse--close relative of the Belgian draft horse.

Brabant Draft Horse--close relative of the Belgian draft horse. The ultimate sleigh horse!

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beauty beautiful show decoration horse maybe horses decorations bay horse show Horse photography draft Flemish decorated Belgian draft horse.

"Dirk" Blue Roan Brabant Draft Horse Stallion - would he also a type of Silver? His mane and tail are too light to be a regular Blue Roan.

I am so incredibly obsessed with these horses. There will be a blue Brabant in my life eventually.

blue+roan+brabant+draft+horse+stallion | Beautiful blue roan draft | Pretty horses

This coat=😍😍😍 Desert Jewel SD Farm's Blackjack, Blue Roan Gypsy Cob. Lovely kind eye on him.