The Perfect Ghoul by Jamie Gibbons

The Perfect Ghoul

The Perfect Ghoul by Jamie Gibbons

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Pintura caballo

Saatchi Art: Galloping horse - oil on canvas Painting by Sylvia Baldeva

'The Princess & The Prey', 2008. Acrylic & pencil on paper is part of Nicoletta Ceccoli's 12 page editorial in ‪#‎beautifulbizarre‬ Issue 008    Buy beautiful.bizarre via our stockists:   or shop online:   today.

Nicoletta Ceccoli’s paintings are the visual counterparts of fairy tales. Beautiful, whimsical, and wondrous yet more gruesome than they initially seem.


Octopus Art, Art Collages, Smoke, Vape, Smoking, Acting

So cute

doLL ~ Julien Martinez{because i was goth steampunk. before they named it geek . dork my many labels