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1930 Edible and Poisonous French Mushrooms

French Color Chart 1930 Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms Nouveau Petit Larousse. I have that book- all ready to be turned into wallpaper.

fungi / wild mushrooms

Shiitake Mushrooms for Free? Right out in my backyard! Free, delicious mushrooms, that I can eat fresh or dry and save them for whenever i decide I'd like them.


I love fungi it really is beautiful unfortunatly im having a garden party and we have no trees so ive been trying to find things to decorate the fences and making some mushrooms like these would be so cool

Fungus in the forest. TurkeyTails

Turkey Tail Fungi or possibly False Turkey tail or maybe Trametes versicolor?

hearts in nature, how love feels at times....

A tiny mushroom from Costa Rica. The other way around it looks like a hollow sphere with spine-like hairs leading to the inside. (by csabatokolyi) Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yellow Mushrooms

Yellow Oyster Mushrooms - surface texture and colour inspiration for design - art in nature. I love these mushrooms, but my sister would hate them so much!

Colony of mushrooms

Description on photo: While not very colorful or unusual, I love this picture. The tiny caps look like they're spilling out of control. A mushroom explosion!