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Rolling Down Hills!  Awesome fun!

Rolling down the hill - best fun ever This is so true and we never got hurt or broke out necks, but I bet most kids today have never enjoyed this simple pleasure. Too bad as adults we can't just go out on break at work and roll down the nearest hill

Charlie - The other perfume I was gifted as a tween & teen. :D

Charlie - Sidney and I would ride our bikes to Eckerd Drugs and "sample" several different perfumes!

Ouija Game, also known as a spirit board or talking board, is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0-9, the words "yes", "no", "hello" and "goodbye" and various symbols and graphics. It is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc. Ouija boards have been criticized in the press since their inception; having been variously described as "'vestigial remains' of primitive belief-systems" and a con to part fools with their money.

Vintage Ouija Board Game - had a lot of fun making the marker move and freaking out my friends!

Graco Swyngomatic Vintage Antique Baby Swing..this looks like the one ...

Graco Swyngomatic Vintage Antique Baby Swing - I remember my daughter being asleep in the swing and I'd wind it up. the LOUD noise of the crank would wake her every time.

ironing water bottle vintage - Google Search

Sprinkler tops for pop bottles you filled with water to sprinkle the clothes before ironing. My mom would sprinkle her clothes and put them in fridge to iron next day.

Cashmere Bouquet powder

My auntie Mary had this can iforevet. She never used it and by the time the came I think it fermented because the powder was a weird color and stank.

musings of a sea witch: With Joyful Abandon

Jumping in leaf piles. If I close my eyes and think, I can still smell the smell of the wet, decaying leaves. God, I just loved jumping in leaves or hiding in a leaf pile and scaring my friends. Do kids even do that anymore?

Mirro - Cookie Press, Copper Ends – With Plates & Tips – Original Box

Mirro - Cookie Press, Copper Ends – With Plates & Tips – Original Box I have a couple of these. Glad we have improved on the concept.