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Paintings For Sale, Frances O'connor

Florian Nicolle

Using a variety of different tools including a bic pen, watercolors and Chinese ink, artist Florian Nicolle creates amazing, mixed media portraits. After a rigorous amount of drawing and painting, she then adds texture and detail using Photoshop.

Palestinian artist: Fathi Ghaben

Palestinian artist: Fathi Ghaben

Francoise Nielly

[Visit to Buy] Francoise Nielly Designers Hand Painted Untitled 519 Cool Face Palette knife Abstract Oil Painting Canvas Home Fine Art artwork

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Dogs Love Never Lie- Limited Edition

David Walker creates extraordinary spray-painted graffiti artworks Click he.

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The beautiful and stylish creations of Polish artist Jakub Rebelka. Jakub mixes traditional and digital mediums in these astonishing paintings and illustrations

The Hobbit - The Battle of Five Armies Orcs, WETA WORKSHOP DESIGN STUDIO on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/n1oRK

The Orc soldiers of The Battle of the Five Armies were a mix of costumed live action performers and entirely digital characters, with varied ranks, origins, species and individuals, that offered Weta Workshop's designers ample opportunity to explore