Yes, but where is Misha's hand.<<lol Jensen is behind Misha so that's probably where Misha's hand is *wink wink*

My best friend is terrified of clowns and she made this face as one passed us at a festival the other day

I'm not even in this fandom and I found this hilarious. Because wouldn't every single man in the world be terrified if he found himself covered in glitter?<<<Sammy and his clowns

Jared and Jensen

Someone told Jared and Jensen about their friend who had named her dogs Sam and Dean. I was there for this moment at BurCon 2014 and it was freaking hilarious.

Misha lifting Sebastian and the fandom's response. lol

Misha Collins, lifter of bodies and spirits Pschh he can lift my body or spirit anytime

That's haven't watched or been in supernatural fandom for long haven't you. Adam is their younger brother who they left in Lucifer's cage


[SET OF GIFS] Jensen and Jared red carpet interview --- check out Jensen's lip curl when he says "next". *pretending not to drool*

Supernatural 30 day challenge day 24: Funniest Episode: The French Mistake. Loved this one and the way the boys played it. Also loved that it was pivotal to the plot and not just some throw away. Good times.

Winception (from the French Mistake) - I've seen this episode over and over. The French Mistake

Best caption ever. Justin has no soul. <-- not to mention the fact that Justin had to kiss Crowley to seal the deal

Here we see Crowley smiling because Justin Bieber’s ten years are almost up. <== Oh thank God!


Gandhi - I LOVE Gandhi! Gandhi was NOT a fruitarian. I'm a nerdy, vegan, yoga (the eight limbs) practitioner, so I know.

I guess you could say it's........... SUPERNATURAL

I guess you could say it's........... SUPERNATURAL


Jensen is like this agent walking out of a car to check on a homicide while Misha is just stumbling out like a drunk trying to look like a cop.