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Luke to Kate: "You can take a cowboy’s ranch, his saddle, all the money in his pocket. But take his horse, and you might as well just shoot him where he stands.

Kurt Markus takes us on his journey of discovery that lives at once in myth and in reality. An enduring and timeless view into ranch life in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. www.http://vivavaquero.com/kurt-markus/kurt-markus-cowpunchers.html

My cousin Brad Mead at the O RO Ranch Prescott, Az. Wonderful picture by Kurt Markus

A-men!!! Well said......Baqueros

Mamas' dot let your babies grow up to be cowboys. Screw that, the world needs more cowboys.

Sherman Ranch Genesee, Kansas  ca. 1902

Roundup on the Sherman Ranch, Genesee, Kans. Cowboy with lasso readied looks beyond the herd on the open range to his fellow cowpunchers waiting on the horizon, ca.