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thumb piano- 'mbira' / Zimbabwe. ket.org.

In Shona music, the Mbira dzavadzimu ("voice of the ancestors"). national instrument of Zimbabwe.

Mbira, Zimbabwe. BelAfrique your personal travel planner - www.BelAfrique.com

) Could be from anywhere in southern Africa. Mine is from Northern Rhodesia/Zambia.

altoid tin piano ...this reminds me of a beautiful hardwood instrument that my mom had.

Altoid tin pocket thumb piano

Old African Mbira Thumb Piano. Zimbabwe Great Patina.

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Africa | Thumb piano.  Bushoong peoples, DR Congo | ca. 1900s | Wood and metal.

Finger Piano, Central Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bushoong, century.

Zimbabwe, Shona. (Lamellophone Collection belonging to Bob Rizzo)

artafrica: “ Matepe (a type of lamellophone from North Eastern Zimbabwe (Bob Rizzo’s collection) ”

How to Tune a Thumb Piano

How to Tune a Thumb Piano

A thumb piano is an African musical instrument that's made from a board and a number of metal tines. These instruments are also commonly known as kalimbas. You'll find kalimbas made out of a variety of.

Africa | Thumb Piano "sanza" from the Chokwe people of DR Congo or Angola | late 1800s | Wood and iron

Thumb Piano, late Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo or Angola, Chokwe peoples, late century.