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Libra - I'm totally a hair and hands person <<< Aries, I literally did focus on my current boyfriends smile and hair when I first met him, his body shape is a bonus 😁

~Virgo~ I am seriously funny...hilarious, in fact. Seriously.  -I'm a Libra..I'm hilarious but I hate when other people joke way too much lol

~Virgo~ I am seriously funny.hilarious, in fact. -I'm a Libra.I'm hilarious but I hate when other people joke way too much lol seems funny and is funny Taurus so me

So I am really never bored when I tell my parents I am?

If you see someone you know is a Capricorn with a very small smile with daggers for eyes and you know they hate you, RUN. They planning something evil.

Leo's appreciate the ones who let them vent

Let me vent then I will calm down. It doesn't go well if you interfere with my venting session.

anyone who knows me knows this is true

Daily Horoscope Lion 2017 Description Zodiac Leo facts — Leo is usually a ball of energy and good spirits but they can easily feel their world has come cra

Adorable and Mysterious

I'll have you know my eyes also sparkle they're not just sexual orbs ugh scorpio over-sexualization<<mines accurate I'm fearless (except for trains and planes) and my eyes show it