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Random Inspiration #37

- My soul drowns without these moments. Help me keep afloat - There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, a rapture on the lonely shore, i love not man the less, but nature more.

Physical Features of Scotland

The True Endless Beauty of Nature ♥ Majestic, Breathtaking Eternal Presence of…

So great to free mind and life of people and things that contribute nothing but negativity.

How to Double Your Productivity Immediately With a Dream Collage

Yes I wear makeup, I tan, I Color my hair every six weeks, and I exercise. That doesn't make me vain. It means I like to put effort in myself

#Şiir #Fotosöz

#Şiir #Fotosöz

JH Ranch// take me back

Sooooooo excited for JH Ranch in CA this summer!