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Medieval murals of the wine-making process were popular in Europe

Pressing wine from a century book, the Tacuinum Sanitatis, a medieval handbook on health and well-being.

Making Wine artist unknown  14th Century

hmm this is definitely hair in the back, and in this image the spiral decoration really looks like it is done around braided hair.

The Labours of the Months, Santa Maria, Mesocco, Tessin, CH- September - The cooper finishing a wine barrel

September - The cooper finishing a wine barrel Frescoes with the labors of the months Santa Maria del Castello Mesocco, Ticino, Suisse Original photo by courtesy of Renzo Dionigi, color-modified by p.

portable baking oven

The art history foodie in me loooves this site! Slightly modern redactions of medieval and renaissance recipes

Whiskey is an Irish invention. The word derives from the Irish word for water 'uisce' which when vocalised makes a sound similar to 'whiska'. This is a contraction of the full term "Uisce Beatha" meaning the water of life which in turn refers to the early beliefs that it had medicinal properties.    The first written record of Whiskey appears in the Annals of Clonmacnoise in 1405 where it attributes the death of a chieftain to "taking a surfeit of aqua vitae" at Christmas.

A monk-cellarer tasting wine from a barrel while filling a jug, from Li Livres dou Santé by Aldobrandino of Siena (France, late century) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia