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perforated circles

Ps & Es: -Texture: Smooth, shiny, perforated This object would have a very bumpy feeling to it. There is a repeating pattern of lines of holes in the object. This create unity throughout the whole object.

PANDORA es Ideal para hoteles, oficina, hogar, restaurantes y auditorios. UPPER PANAMA  El proyecto hace de la versatilidad su característica primordial: Pandora puede ser utilizado como lámparas de pie tanto en espacios externos e internos, como lámparas colgantes o lámparas de pie. Cientos de combinaciones cromaticas componiendo también un conjunto de sillas y mesas informales.

Pandora manufactured by MyYour // is nature that inspires the shapes of Pandora, the light they reflect and their minimal texture.Pandora are ethereal entities that make light an added value; they are timeless elements that overshadow the mater&


We have created this amazing set of seamless and repeatable PSD pixel patterns, more than 60 patterns ready to use with a simple .

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patches of parameterized spheres varied and iterated with corresponsing informational graphics:

konstantin grcic x maharam

NeoCon 2015 has just wrapped up its second day and our eyes and ears are still buzzing with the plethora of colours, materials, products