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Chanyeol trying to cheat in broad daylight. Have some restraint Channie

Yes!!! Lol T^T

Chanyeol's smile in that picture is so funny, gosh. I'm laughing so hard

belleza desde la cuna

belleza desde la cuna

Luhan is mos def a total babe

don't worry Luhan oppa Sehun oppa will love you no matter what!

Lol <3 <- for real tho which exo-l wouldn't look like chen when they see that

This made me laugh a lot harder than it should have.I just keep thinking of Chen actually scream when they do this

Hmmm.. caring wifeu

O_o I really hope that one day we all get to see chanbaek together like they supposed to be , holding hands freely !

Nadie ve esa huevas

Nadie ve esa huevas

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This is so true! You get really nervous and then you have to get them distracted with something