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Golden-hued interior of AS Design Four Lau and Sam Sum's UM Junior Top Kid's Wear Store in Macau. The prominent component of the retail scheme is the children's construction toy Crazyforts. Assembled in a ball in socket fashion, interconnected spheres and rods rise to form displays and attach to the ceiling and walls for additional hanging space.

Behold the winners of A' Design Awards 2015

Images of UM Junior by AS Design Service Limited from A' Design Award & Competition

Interior Architecture: beautiful gold faceted front window of  Boutique Penelope by Hatem. Inspire yourself in http://www.bocadolobo.com/en/inspiration-and-ideas/

Boutique Penelope Jewelry Store by Hatem+D

Boutique Penelope Jewelry Store by Hatem+D Interior Architecture: beautiful gold faceted front window of Boutique Penelope by Hatem+D

greenland centre display suite by LAVA + PTW architects, sydney, australia

Built by PTW,LAVA in Sydney, Australia with date Images by Brett Boardman. PTW and LAVA have combined nature and technology in anorganically-shaped display suite marketing the Sydney Greenland.


FK chats to Miyo of super playful, Torquay based Children's shop Oishi-m! Tell us about your store Oishi-m and what things we can expect to discover.

Shop, 2014

Triad Creative Group will design and build custom displays. Like some aspects of the exhibit above? Let us know and we will make an exhibit custom tailored to your needs.

Studio Gang Architects at the Art Institute of Chicago

Image 3 of 12 from gallery of 'Building: Inside Studio Gang Architects' Exhibition. Photo by Steve Hall © Hedrich Blessing, courtesy of Studio Gang Architects

BWM Office by feeling Design, Guangzhou – China » Retail Design Blog

Image 5 of 16 from gallery of Interaction - BWM Office / feeling Design. Photograph by He Yuansheng

The Black Workshop

Delicious black photoshoot from Lotta Agaton Shop . Designed by interior stylist Lotta Agaton and photographed by talented Pia Ulin.

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