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Thats my dog | Get more Pinterest Humor >> http://pinteresthumor.com

Thats my dog | Get more Pinterest Humor >> http://pinteresthumor.com

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Dint happen a lot coz I get quite good grades so she don't have 2 lie but when it does ik like u mmmmmm nm ok then?

Or when you apologize and they say,"Yeah, you should be." It's like, Bitch I only said sorry so you would! It's your fault you're the clumsy fool, not mine!

The Loki oh no you didn't face. < omg I was not aware of the Loki oh no you didn't face.

I’m No Expert, But I’m Pretty Sure That’s Not How That Works 21 Pics

101 Engineering Fails That Make You Wonder How These Engineers Received a Degree.

Cute, not cute, child protective services. Sorry... So inappropriate but come on!!!!!!!!!

A simple guide to cute and appropriate holiday family pictures. the last one is SO wrong

School buses

Some School Buses are More Magical Than Other School Buses. We need school buses like in Japan; it might even make kids want to go to school.

Oh my heavens. This is too good.

Guns in Movies Replaced with Thumbs-Up

This might be my favorite thing. Guns in movies replaced with thumbs-up.

OMG! Better stay clear of this guy, he means business. Hit the image for 15 hilarious car memes. #lol

15 of the Funniest Car Memes

I want these stickers! Beats those stick-figure family-with-dog-and-cat stickers ALL to heck!

Spray dat holy venom its time to meet the devil get your venom ready!!

"When threatened, the Pope can spry holy venom up to 25 ft." Possibly offensive, but funny.

I think it's murder in the front, look at that smile.

redneck mullet hair cut business in the front murder in the back girl with mullet