community/neighborhood garden - would love to do one of these in Alliance.  Organic, vegetables, donate whatever it yields to the food bank, shelters, salvation army, etc.

Lay down weed barrier befor covering it with bark chips to reduce maintenance work.

I think I want to take on creating a community garden in my town! Here's a great start. Read about my inspiration on my blog.

Basic infrastructure for successful community gardening

The Beekman Boys garden. This, is perfection!

Beekman Farm

Raised garden bed designs ~ I really like this design, however I would place the cattle panel trellises over the walkways to freely pick produce trained on them and to free up more space in each bed.

DIY projects: How to start a community garden

How to Start A Community Garden – Is your neighbourhood missing something? Here's how to fill a vacant lot with a community garden and join the urban agiculture revolution.

Raised Bed Kitchen Garden by thegardenbuzz on Flickr..

Looks much like our 'potager'. Although I wish the previous owners had thought to fence it, like a proper French kitchen garden! Must put some serious thought into planting layout this year.

Growing food with love

5 Cost-Effective Organic Gardening Tricks for a Rewarding Harvest

The following steps are adapted from the American Community Garden Association's guidelines for launching a successful community garden in your neighborhood.

Raised bed gardening has been in practice among agriculture enthusiasts for years. Simply put, raised bed gardening is a method that makes use of elevated garden beds to cultivate a variety of [.

Gil Hodges Community Garden: Architectural Digest

Bette Midler's Green Thumb Revitalizes Community Gardens

rows of onions #flowers

Mixed veggie and flowers at this allotment the dahlias in the background really brighten things up.

A collection of 16 DIY Compost bins, to suit anyone's gardening needs!

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders