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Sultan Suleiman I receives his Grand Admiral,Hayreddin Barbarossa.Ottoman miniature painting from the Süleymanname.

OĞUZ TOPOĞLU : orhan gazi kuvvet gösterisi, hünername ali çelebi ...

OĞUZ TOPOĞLU : orhan gazi kuvvet gösterisi, hünername ali çelebi ...

Surname-i huemayun gazi - Murad III - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Miniature: parade of two riding Gazi (veterans from Rumelia) in front of Sultan Murat III. century Surname-i hümayun by Nakkaş Osman and/or other painters of the Nakkaşhane

Edirne event - Mustafa II dressed in full armor.-The Edirne Event was a janissary revolt that began in Istanbul in 1703. The revolt was a reaction to the consequences of the Treaty of Karlowitz and Sultan Mustafa II’s absence from the capital. The rising power of the sultan’s former tutor, Seyhulislam Feyzullah Efendi and the empire’s declining economy caused by tax farming were also causes of the revolt. As a result of the Edirne Event, Seyhulislam Feyzullah Efendi was killed

The husband of "Sālihā Valida Sultânā", Ottoman Sultan Mustafa II. She was of Greek descent. Her original name was Aleksandra or Elizaveta. She was the adoptive daughter of a family living in the Galata neighbourhood of Azapkapı.