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Council of Ricks just admiring their Morty…w-while their society is ending. Idk, I just enjoyed watching the first episode of Season 3 of Rick and Morty okay X”DD I really wanted to see Lawyer Morty’s pog collection too ;

Interdimensional Omlette by KaiserFlames

deviantart: “Rick had the great idea of getting the “best eggs in all of the universe” for breakfast. He failed to mention the giant, acid-spitting chickens. Congratulations to KaiserFlames, the third.

RaM: Succiduous by Tybay

Rick and Morty by Tybay on DeviantArt

RaM: Sthenia by Tybay Morty and armothy

RaM: Sthenia by Tybay Morty and armothy

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If he saved Rick I think it'd be the best twist in any tv show ever. Butter Robot: "What's my purpose." Rick: "You pass butter." Butter Robot: "Oh God." Rick: "Yeah welcome to the -" Butter Robot: "And save your bitch ass motherfucka!