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SO. SAD. And some people think that animals have no souls and don't have feelings... I'd say they have a lot more soul than many people I know!

Do not cry, do not cry, do not cry...

And everyone just let the cat lay there? No one buried it so it's friend didn't have to watch it decay? And did anyone take care of the other cat? Or just watch it be sad standing over its deceased friend? Cat is better than humans.

I had a tuxedo cat who would sleep on top of the door.

A cat can sleep anywhere. My favorite (although it's hard to choose!) is the cat sleeping on the hangers in the closet.

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Buck Tooth Kitty Birthday Card -Funny, Cat, Good Luck, Get Well Soon, Thank You

little chief honeybee.

People with cat beards- I had never heard of this til my friend Tammy mentioned it. I MUST try catbearding with my two!

Foxes Are Just Misunderstood Creatures

Funny pictures about Foxes Are Misunderstood Creatures. Oh, and cool pics about Foxes Are Misunderstood Creatures. Also, Foxes Are Misunderstood Creatures photos.

Hahahaha!!! Can't stop laughing!!

funny caption cat comes to bar every night everyone acts like this is a normal thing

Happy turtle

Happy turtle

Although this turtle looks like he's smiling and happy about the toothbrush cleaning. We have had our turtle for over 8 years and he hates the toothbrush! That turtle is trying to bite that guys finger.