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yep I think this is why my (ex) boyfriend broke up with me.....im just weird for him I guess lol #forever alone #single and ready to mingle

"doing something weird and thinking THIS is why I don't have a boyfriend." I know we both have boyfriends, but for some reason, this still made me think of us hahaha.

Dpcted Apparel  Tees for Cuddlers & Chubby Lovers  Founded by artist Scott Hutcheson, the St. Louis, Missouri-based Dpcted Apparel is anything but shy. Its witty T-shirts for women and men are minimally designed for maximum impact, and feature bold statements that are sure to raise eyebrows. Love chubby bearded guys and lots of cuddling? Then this line is for you.

Mainstream fashion tends to cater to pin-thin frames, and Dpcted Apparel proudly defies that phenomenon with its cheeky clothing. The shirt above, for example, is printed with the phrase "Chubby, Single and Ready for a Pringle." Other shirts pro


Every single day. I hate math. And I LOVE Mackenzie!

mhm... But I guess that would count as talking back to, huh. WE NEVER WIN!!!! DX

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LOL!! OH LAWRD!! ... But I do!  I keep telling them the truth! They don't realize that's real love, I guess.

haha I meant something easier God!

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Pretty much my life story. Long hair in the summer means messy buns everyday!

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holy crap, I do feel old.was Shrek really that long ago? and dylan and cole are wtf?

Hahaha! Yep. Although all my girly attributes are learned skills and now I enjoy them all, but I generally take them to the next level beyond what a normal girl does. So basically I'm a girly tomboy. Haha!

I'm basically a girl with a personality of a dude. ~ well not personality really, more like, mentality. I like nice things but you can keep all the pink glittery stuff.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one here... radbad25

LMAO It's happened to me! That awkward moment when you're walking down the stairs and think there's another step and you Hulk stomp the ground.

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The first time I rapped all of Lose Yourself by Eminem. That awesome feeling of how gangster you are the first time you rap your favorite part of a song without screwing up.