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More flowers, not sure if it's coloured or black & white - but I like it B

"In life people trip. Most people fall but some people turn that trip into a beautiful, beautiful dance" ~ John Mayer tattoo arms

Slow Dancing In a Burning Room ♡

a song i wish i could play on an instrument- free fallin, john mayer (i really want to learn to play this on an acoustic guitar.i just really want to learn to play the guitar!

Jonh mayer

"Take your place…show your face to the morning…'cause one of these days you'll be born and raised…"- John Mayer .love everything John Mayer.

More beautiful with each passing year

Until recently, John Mayer was one of those US institutions that we here in Blighty wisely ignored – like NFL, Nascar racing and Twinkie bars.