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1960's Polaroid branding by Paul Giambarba http://minivideocam.com/best-point-and-shoot-camera/

It's hard to resist the beautiful visual language designer Paul Giambarba created for Polaroid in the A perfectly organized system of vibrant colour bar graphics and a rather handsome News Gothic typeface make for one unforgettable identity .

caja de pizza

This mini pizza packaging is one of a kind because it is functional by having space for the pizza and utensils, it is convenient for someone on the go and the design is appropriate for an office woman who likes to accentuate her style.

Composants : Cet emballage apporte une nouveauté sur le marché de l’emballage alimentaire puisqu’il est en carton. Il est plat et facile à mettre en forme. Il est possible de l’ouvrir d’un côté ou de l’autre. Fonction: Il est pratique car convertible en assiette. On peut également commencer à manger le sandwich et le finir plus tard. Communication : Cet emballage est design et explique les différents éléments présents dans le sandwich. Il est aussi écologique puisqu’il est totalement…

Check out this great idea for takeaway sandwich packaging by designer's Alberto Carlo Cafaro and Giorgio Fanecco. It's a great idea - reminiscent of the apple pie packaging a McD's. But this packag.

Embalagem de iogurte (fugindo do paradigma de fruta, splash, etc.)

GOA Healthy Yogurt

Whale milk

WHALE MILK BY ALESSIO SABBADINI Whale milk was suppose to be a word play from whole milk. But since whale really does produce milk, if I see this packaging in the store, I would totally think it’s a.

The use of two different colors is not only to establish contrast, but also to draw the viewer's attention to the letters "Ci," which are cleverly arranged such that they depict a cheeky visage.

I really like this packaging design for it's creative use of the "C" and "i" in "Cider" to create a winky face. The choice of text really emphasizes this effect and makes the face appear both animated and playful.

PACKAGING | UQAM: Compleat | Peter Herman

Great Design - it always annoys me that they use plastic . Startup Radically Reinvents The Disposable Coffee Cup, Eliminating Plastic Lids