John Collier, Lady Godiva -  I think what I love most is the way he painted her face, looking down and then your eye goes to the proud carriage of the horses head.

John Collier - Lady Godiva John Maler Collier was a leading English artist, and an author. He painted in the Pre-Raphaelite style, and was one of the most prominent portrait painters of his generation. He studied painting at the Munich Academy.

Skull with Burning Cigarette, 1885 Vincent Van Gogh

When you are engulfed in flames / David Sedaris. Cover art: Skull with Cigarette, Van Gogh museum.

John Collier, Sleeping Beauty, 1921.

The Sleeping Beauty - detail - by John Collier oil on canvas, 1921 // John Collier (artist) English painter in Pre-Raphaelite style; one of the most prominent artists of his time; also a writer

Pre Raphaelite Art: "Thisbe" by John William Waterhouse (1909)

"I'll speak in a monstrous little voice."Bottom justifies why he should also play the part of Thisbe. Pre Raphaelite Art: "Thisbe" by John William Waterhouse

Eye Candy for Today: Waterhouse’s Lady of Shalott

Waterhouse’s Lady of Shalott - is an 1888 oil-on-canvas painting by the English Pre-Raphaelite painter John William Waterhouse in Tate Britain in London.

Edmund Blair Leighton (1853-1922) Lady Godiva (1892), oil on canvas. This piece depicts the moment of decision for Lady Godiva ~ her decision to protest.

Lady Godiva Edmund Blair Leighton - 1892 Leeds Art Gallery (United Kingdom - Leeds) Height: 127 cm in.), Width: 152 cm in.) Painting - oil on canvas

Pre Raphaelite Art: The Magic Ball by John W Waterhouse, 1902

The Crystal Ball (with skull) 1902 John William Waterhouse Private Collection

"The Lady of Shalott" - John William Waterhouse

My entire senior English class (high school) thought I looked like The Lady of Shalott in this painting (it was in our textbook). My family and I agreed! - The Lady of Shalott - John William Waterhouse, 1888

The Lady of  Shallot (detail) - John William Waterhouse

I'm half sick of shadows, said the Lady of Shallot -- Pre Raphaelite Art: The Lady of Shallot (detail) - John William Waterhouse