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I wish my eyes could  take  photos

Sometimes I think to myself I wish my eyes were really a camera I would have captured so many wonderful photos! Sometimes the camera can't get what you see through your eyes.

everyday is a second chance +++For more quotes on #motivation, visit http://www.hot-lyts.com/

Everyday Is A Second Chance - it's a second chance to be positive. Keep trying to train your mind to stay positive, for everyday is a second chance.

A strong woman

A strong women is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laugher. A strong woman is both soft and powerful, she is both practical and spiritual. A strong women in her essence is a gift to the word.


family ties -Know your worth. Know what you deserve. Know when it's time to move on. It took me a long time to know these important things.

The search for Self can be challenging but becoming your own best friend is priceless. #questingmarilyn  ᘡηᘠ

"The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself" -Mark Twain Give Them A Voice: advocacy foundation.-D Yup.


So in other words, sit around a do nothing about it because if it doesnt happen, its not your fault. I dislike quotes like this because they convey the message that its never your fault if things dont work out?

Aaleeyah Petty @Aaleeyah Petty Instagram photos | Webstagram

Train your mind to see the good in every situation. Don't over think stuff - always be positive.

Schöne Zitate fürs Leben

Entrümpel dein Leben in 7 simplen Schritten - du wirst überrascht sein, was es bewirkt!

In ein Haus, in dem die Freude lebt, zieht auch das Glück ein.

Pi Beta Phi- Be strong, you never know who are you inspiring! #piphi #pibetaphi

This reminds me of my cousin. She is always telling me that I inspire her and she wants to be like me. She is the reason that I stay so strong all the time.

You'll reach your goals.

It will hurt. It will take time. It will require willpower. You will need to make healthy decisions. It requires sacrifice. You will need to push your body to its max. There will be temptation. But, I promise you, when you reach your goal, it's worth it.