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Gallifreyan Alphabet numbers by searingdestiny on DeviantArt

Gallifreyan numbers and alphabet these are made up and original not cannon they have nothing to do with the series of doctor who so please enjoy my frie.

Gee... thanks for making us afraid of gas masks, Victorian Masks, Angel Statues, the Dark, Whether or not what I'm seeing is actually real, Whether or not I'm missing something out of the corner of my eye, Whether I've forgotten something important, Marks on my arm, and a fear of gnot remembering...  My nightmares have never been more interesting!

Who turned out the lights? Look at the Children; Prisoner Zero has escaped; You've been a bad boy; When the questioned is asked the silence will fall.

Old High Gallifreyan Alphabet. Might use part of this and part of an earlier pin to write some stuff...

Inspired by the many fan alphabets and River’s scripture on the home box of the category four Starliner. This is my take on the ancient Gallifreya. Old High Gallifreyan Alphabet

Agori Alphabet by bonesiii on DeviantArt

Bionicle made a famous alphabet for the Matoran language, but never got around to it for the Agori language.