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Black Cup fungi by ja cour, via Flickr

I believe this is Black Cup and found it at one end of an old oak branch. Another "batch" was at the other end of the branch. Have not seen this except in a hardwood forest setting.


(Cyptotrama asprata) commonly known as the Golden-scruffy Collybia, is a saprobic species of mushroom in the Physalacriaceae family. Widely distributed in tropical regions of the world.

Parures Africaines

arielsheree: sinkingshits: revolucion-menor: deathfuckbizarre: ihatevoid: (via scorpiocurse, oldchum)

Methow Valley Herbs: Medicinal Mushrooms - Highlights on a few favorites

Shiitake Mushrooms for Free? Right out in my backyard! Free, delicious mushrooms, that I can eat fresh or dry and save them for whenever i decide I'd like them.