when i watch this i was like very clever. but also like i still don't like youu.

Did You Picture Yourself As Katniss?

Lynn Cohen  puts it out there on her Facebook page that it's NOT Hunger Games 2.  Haymitch it seems is in quite a twit! No matter what it's called, Are you "pumped" to see it???

HAHA love it so funny It's so annoying when people call it hunger games 2 I'm like NO ITS CALLED CATCHING FIRE and then they rub it in my face and I get proper pissed off.


"God, Katniss I gave you bread when you were starving, so it was a little burnt? be grateful." Peeta << yes!

Jennifer Lawrence is awesome. And I will be as well when I pull out this trick

Funny pictures about Awesome hidden talent. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome hidden talent. Also, Awesome hidden talent.

I am in serious love with her. She is just so damn cute. And hilarious. You never know what's she is going to say & I love it!!

fxhima_y on

Jennifer Lawrence - Everyone's mean. The usual. Liam Hemsworth is the most mean. Shit is he behind me? his brother is Thor.

From Little Bear to Hunger Games

From Little Bear to Hunger Games

This is why I love The Hunger Games so much! suzanne collins made your childhood and now life. I loved Little Bear growing up, no wonder I love The Hunger Games!

So true

funny caption easter egg hunts how our parents see it how we see it may the odds be forever in your favor