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Comic Girls Say.. "Because I hate you.. I hate everything about you..you miserable heel ! "  #comic #vintage

Comic Girls Say. "Because I hate you. I hate everything about you.you miserable heel !

I'm going to call Rhonda and tell her how fat she looked in those pants!

Comic Girls Say. "What harm could it do if I took one little sip?it feels like liquid fire is running trough my veins "

Pop Art Retro Comic Illustration Humor Meme

Some day I want to write a new Patsy Walker Hellcat series that draws heavily on the old insult/humor comics, starring Hedy Wolfe as a diva supervillain.

Leave me alone

" I hates men ! " said recent Irish immigrant Finola McFarts. She secretly loved and made love to women but kept a public facade to be seen with men. She soon changed her mind when she met Sally " Big Bush " Sauerkraut .who she fell in love with.

The Actor/Actress archetype in the heart chakra is incapable of real intimacy because it resists feeling its fears and negativity to loving and being loved by another.  When anyone becomes too close to its vulnerable core, it closes down and sabotages its relationships.

Sarah " Slash " Petcock invented the now famous and AS SEEN ON TV Product , The Penis Chopper. Men all over the world suddenly began to behave and things were finally good .