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Brandi: This is my two year old daughter (Aria) wearing her hot air balloon costume! We found the idea for her costume one Pinterest. There were not any directions on how...

Hot Air Balloon - Halloween Costume Contest at Costume-Works.com

Items you will need to make a hot air balloon costume! 2 wire wreath frames 5 dowel rods sculpture balloons strap and harness to make a buck.

Cool Homemade Hot Air Balloon Costume: Ready for Liftoff... This website is the Pinterest of costumes

Cool Homemade Hot Air Balloon Costume: Ready for Liftoff

Get a cheap basket that has a solid board floor. Punch the board out and remove all nails. Get an oversize t-shirt and hot glue the bottom of the .

Hershey KissWhat you'll need:- Tin foil- Paper- Cardboard  Photo:Pinterest

Last-minute DIY costumes that are actually kind of awesome

Halloween is not only about scary, spooky, creepy and ugly dresses/costumes, it is also about wearing funny, cheaper and happy dresses too.

Dirty Last-Minute Twister Costume ...This website is the Pinterest of birthday cakes

Dirty Last-Minute Twister Costume

Buy a white t-shirt and white shorts or pants. This dirty last-minute Twister costume requires pieces of construction paper of 4 different colors.

Kids Halloween Costumes on Wheels (Wagon Ideas) - Crafty Morning

Cinderella’s Carriage Costume, Mystery Machine Costume, Circus Lion in a Cage, Finding Nemo Fish Tank Costume, Wagon Bat Mobile Costume – & more diy with vehicles