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Lily Potter from Harry Potter series

Remus Lupin

She can't help that. She would just be a lonely painting since no one painted James and the Snape painting would just be annoying her all the time. The Snape painting would do better just to date the pink lady.

My life is a lie...

Funny pictures about The Boy Who Improvised. Oh, and cool pics about The Boy Who Improvised. Also, The Boy Who Improvised.


Harry Potters lovers, prepare to cry…yep, bawling. I can't believe it ended. They look super young! This is just so sad.

Evolution of Harry's hair. His hair in POA is my fave.

I love whoever made this. o-o And it's true, the movie hair was the best. movie hair was James Potter hair!

This. Is. The. Most. Stupid. Reasons. EVER! i mean can't you see how much trouble they had doing this. i mean they only came up with five reasons and the last ones about how hit has a better story. i mean, really? come on! what world does this person live in? (and this one is the worst. Twilight is better the Harry Potter because it has vampires. Vampires! well FYI Harry Potter has vampires, too!

Faith In Humanity Restored. Twilight sucks and Idc if you're a "die-hard" twilight fan.Harry potter was the best series anyone could have ever wrote!

Harry Potter Quiet Book - for my currently non existent children

Harry Potter Quiet Book


Leonard is a Hufflepuff!<<<<<<This would be me, I watched this episode and Leonard made me very very proud, especially as a fellow hufflepuff