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Two pretty columbines growing in a home garden in Southern California. Columbine are the state flower of Colorado, and are one of the most beautiful wildflowers you will find growing in the mountains there!


Colorado Columbine - by Lynn Bauer - Blue Columbine: The columbine (from the Latin word for dove, columba), is a circlet of petals thought to resemble doves. The blue columbine is a symbol of fidelity, and often appears in paintings of Mary.

DIY Raised Garden Bed Projects.  Tips, Designs and Tutorials for DIY Raised Garden Projects

DIY Raised Garden Bed Projects

Beautiful #beautifulflowersphotography

Beautiful #beautifulflowersphotography


I have a hard time telling the difference between magenta and raspberry sometimes, so tonight and Sunday let's do both … MAGENTA & RASPBERRY.

Những mối quan hệ xã hội cũng giống như bếp lửa Phải biết điều tiết khoảng cách, không nên đến quá gần, cũng không nên đi quá xa.  ...nhưng mà đó chỉ là mối quan hệ xã hội, đúng chứ?

Peach blossoms are so much fun to work with when designing the floral crowns. They are a simplistic, yet fresh and beautiful flower that can be pair with just about anything. I have. Some fun ideas are in store for the future with peach blossoms.