Little girl kissing cow.wet kiss I am sure! Country living on the farm!


This is the cow with the crumpled horn that tossed the dog that worried the cat that killed the rat that ate the malt that lay in the house that Jack built.

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Vintage garden design is a growing trend for outdoor living spaces. We present you vintage garden decor ideas for your garden improvement.

had to include this! glossy black paned door, bentwood coat stand, slate floor - paul costello photography

Interview with Paul Costello, photographer extraordinaire. If you are not acquainted yet, you may be familiar with his work which has appeared in magazines such as Elle, Domino,.

A découvrir : la plus petite musaraigne à trompe du monde

A découvrir : la plus petite musaraigne à trompe du monde

Newest Sengi Species Genetically Linked to an Elephant, Size of a Mouse

alpacas! get serious.

Llamas in the mist. If LLamas or Alpacas are kept on their own they literally die of loneliness.

Beltie Mailbox!!!  Cutest thing ever!!!

Farm animal mailboxes of any kind. Pig mailbox, chicken mailbox, rooster mailbox, cow mailbox, Swan mailbox etc.

Most of us have one or two winter coats. Sometimes we wear more than one coat at the same time. Winter is a time of shorter days and colder temperatures. Unless you live in the tropics, you n…

Poster Many Sizes; Full Front Of White Faced Calf In Corral After Snowfall 1940

I love Cows.

I love Cows.

Barn Home Designs. For years, I've dreamt of remodeling an old barn and living in it!

Luxury Homes Barn Homes Old barn reclaimed wood means and a new life for the houses and barns