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How to cut aloe vera by Live Love Raw: http://www.liveloveraw.com/what-to-do-with-aloe-vera/ - Also lists possible uses and benefits of Aloe Vera juice/gel

How to cut aloe vera by Live Love Raw: www. - Also lists possible uses and benefits of Aloe Vera juice/gel

Amazing Benefits Of Aloe Vera. Never Spend Money On Chemicals And Meds Again! – Touch Of The Nature

Aloe Vera is a beautiful plant with numerous health benefits. It originates from Northern Africa and the first uses of the plant have been documented on ancient Egyptian papyruses.

Biogetica's Digestion and Metabolism Boosting Products

Javita weightloss coffee is metabolism boosting drink and Biogetica's herbal boosting kit affect the metabolism of body and ability to burn fat.

Treatments & Home Remedies For Stings & Bites~ Apply apple any or all of the following and cover with ice~ lemon juice, cider vinegar, olive oil, baking soda, salt and place ice on it.  Then crush together any or all of the following to apply like a poultice~  activated charcoal, garlic, onion, cucumber, raw potato.  Place a bandaid over it and let heal.

Wasp sting remedies: Baking Soda: Make a thick paste with water and apply to area -OR- Vinegar/apple cider vinegar/lemon juice: Soak a small cotton pad with it, can also drizzle a few drops directly onto skin (the acid content neutralizes the venom)

Herbal antibiotics have long been used by herbal healers to ward off colds and flu, clear infections and speed wound healing. Top 15 herbal antibiotics.

Herbal Antibiotics - Using Herbs to Fight Infection and Speed Healing

One of the complimentary therapies our mom uses is homeopathy. It sounds weird and some folks think it’s bogus, but Mom says it works!

Do you use complementary veterinary therapies on your farm? Complementary therapies are things like herbs, Reiki, massage, chiropractic adjustments and homeopathic remedies.

Should You Try a Homeopathic Acne Treatment method?

Excel Pharma is one of the best homeopathic medicine manufacturers in India. We sell wide range of homeopathic medicine online.

The Spice of Healthy Living

The Spice of a Healthy Life

The culinary spices to the prevention and treatment of more than 150 health problems. Article has “ORAC score” a method of measuring the antioxidant capacity of different foods and supplements.

Adding Grapefruit Oil (distilled from rinds) to your drink has been known to help dissolve cellulite, obesity, cleanse liver, decrease fluid retention and more. And, please Read Your labels! Not all essential oils can be used internally. seaspiritselfhealing.com

Grapefruit essential oil may help with migraine headaches, obesity, dissolve cellulite, premenstrual tension, and stress. Might try this with the next migraine

RICE BRAN OIL BENEFITS FOR SKIN AND HAIR | Beauty Tips - Best Beauty Tips For Ladies - Beauty & Tips Magazine

Rich in plant based omega 3 fatty acids, flax seed oil is best for treating inflammatory responses of the body. A teaspoon of flax seed oil .

Boo Boo Spray  2 oz. Aloe Vera Juice (or purified water)  10 drops therapeutic grade lavender  10 drops therapeutic grade geranium  1 drop therapeutic grade frankincense (optional)  Shake together well and store in a dark glass spray bottle.

Essential oils: How to make your own first aid spray. This is a WONDERFUL site. How to Make Your Own First Aid Spray yoursacredcalling. The Common Scents Mom, Essential oils for Home Family ~~ Stacy’s Boo Boo Spray

Cayenne Pepper.  Pioneers used it to stop bleeding, put it in open wounds and used it for sinus problems, frostbite, joint pain, headache, toothache as well as many other things. It is good for high blood pressure, heart health, ulcers.  Recipe here for a "cayenne tea" to use for sore throats.

CAYENNE TEA ¼ c. warm water (warm enough to dissolve the honey) ¼ t. cayenne pepper 1 T. honey 1 T. lemon juice Stir together till dissolved. Drink it quickly or gargle with it if you are brave. You may decrease the amount of cayenne for younger children.