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Artist Creates Original Pokemon As Terrariums

Artist Starmanda Creates Original Pokemon As Terrariums

Inktober day 1! The prompt was "swift" How could I not draw Mulan? ●WHY I LIKE● Didn't even need to read the description to know it was Mulan :P I like how the artist put their own style to this, and those subtle hues of color make this piece look very clean. And using Mulan for the prompt Swift was genius! swift as a coursing river!!...ughhhh.... Mysterious as the dark side of THE MOOOOON!!! -@Jodi Taylor Art Studio

Inktober day The prompt was "swift" How could I not draw Mulan?

20+ Pokemon Tattoos

Pokemon tattoo is a picture of an iconic creature first thought up in 1989 by their creator Satoshi Tajiri. Here we have a list of the most common designs.

Pokemon Bookmarks at MyBookmarks

The online shop MyBookmarks, imagines creatives bookmarks. To surf on the wave of the Pokémon GO the designer manufactured bookmarks that represent the bottom of iconic Pokémons.

Krusty X Mr Mime

Someone Combined Pokémon With The Simpsons And The Result Is Hilarious

Like The Simpsons? Like Pokémon? Then you're in for a treat, because this graphic designer makes awesome badges featuring a mashup of your favorite Simpsons/Pokémon characters!