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How to call all Americans Bill Nye the Science Guy Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill

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Canada/USA - Early July, every year, supposedly.

El de “Misquoted Jesus” también tiene tralla.

The Jewish Japanese Sex and Cook Book and How to Raise Wolves. The most wtf book title in history.

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Who measures pizza in acres?

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Credit where due

That gets u into super heaven

A comic strip about hair. This is so accurate.

A comic strip about hair. This is so accurate.>> this has happened to me quite at bot xD expessially at school xD

I had a panic attack at my school dance and fainted. I woke up in a hospital bed with my friend sitting next to me. I looked over the & first thing she said was "You panicked at the disco, dude."<<<< i Get it its Panic! At the Disco

One letter makes a difference

One letter makes a difference

Beauty and the beat Finding emo Star Wars:a new hoe Men Fight cub Harry otter Pup fiction T

Trying to read notes on the board

Your parent is _____ and you are ______.          Funny

I got trolldad and normal mom and ended up with divorced parents😐