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70 Clever Camping Inventions - From Floating Mobile Tents to Outdoor Hot Seats (CLUSTER)

70 Clever Camping Inventions

Von diesen 33 ungewöhnlichen Erfindungen hatte ich nicht die leiseste Ahnung. Nummer 22 ist bestellt.

From Japan: How to change the traditional brutal-looking dog muzzles into something more pleasant? OPPO created a muzzle for dogs called Quack that is shaped like a duck’s bill. Hopefully your dog won’t get too offended by this accessory.

use shelf brackets as pot stand for cooking over a fire - Outdoor Ideas

use shelf brackets as pot stand for cooking over a fire Stealth Survival: DIY Survival Gear - Improvised Cooking Stand

Archinoma has created a the ‘Y-BIO’, a transformable modular architectural system. The ‘Y-BIO’ is developed to implement the geometric shapes of a stellated octahedron or ‘extended octahedron’, which was first discovered by Leonardo Da Vinci. After 100 years Johannes Kepler rediscovered and termed it as ‘Stella octangula’ – octagonal star.

chillout colony

Inhabitat: The funky future beach bum getaway of your dreams is here with the Archinoma transformable modular architectural system. A pod building system, based on the geometry of the stellated oc

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I know this isn't home decor, but how fun would this be to create in your own backyard for a romantic evening? :) glamping in the backyard under the stars.

Forget a swag in a tent, when we go camping <a href="http://www.homedit.com/cool-bedroom-designs/"> this</a> is the bedroom we would like to stay in.

Upper North Shore record broken with $12 million sale

Glamping Glamorous Camping very ro-tic.that's romantic minus the man if you are single like me, but still enjoy life.imagine that.

Smart! A tent under a canopy. Additional space is used for living space. Photo: Patrick Campbell

Check out These Amazing Camping Hacks that are Pure Genius I dont do festivals, but some of these ideas are great for just a family camping trip!

<b>Dank dieser Tipps und Tricks wirst Du in diesem Jahr garantiert rundum zufrieden beim Camping sein.</b>

Mach Dir mit einem Sparschäler Einmal-Seifenstücke aus einem großen Stück Seife.

41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius - Make single-use soap leaves from a bar of soap and a vegetable peeler. You can also rub soap on mosquito bites to relieve the itchiness.