Woody Guthrie

This machine kills fascists. Woody Guthrie's music is the origin of everything radio popular. Read his book Bound For Glory. Best autobiography I know.

nprmusic:  "He would get up in the morning and write all these songs. He’d write them on the back of, like, newspapers and Christmas wrapping paper … He left a lot of them sort of laying around. He’d move on to wherever he was going. So I’m sure somebody’s grandkid is going to find one in a shoebox in the attic one of these days."  via Woody Guthrie’s Indelible Mark On American Culture

Woody Guthrie's Indelible Mark On American Culture

Woody Guthrie “If you walk across my camera I will flash the world your story.”

Woody Guthrie - American Singer-Songwriter and Folk Musician :: His musical legacy includes hundreds of political, and traditional ballads. He has influenced thousands of musicians of all genres and is one of the most prominent musicians of the century.

Woody Guthrie - "Jolly Banker" note: this instrument kills fascists.  Boy does America need one of those instruments today.

Woody Guthrie, half-length portrait, seated, facing front, playing a guitar that has a sticker attached reading: This Machine Kills Fascists - 1943

Arlo Guthry at Woodstock http://www.google.com/imgres?um=1=en=1366=600=isch=7tzdlp01hgopdM:=http://indielimerick.blogspot.com/2009/01/arlo-guthrie-plays-dolans-this.html=TTvr9nnYmqVEsM=http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_gxg4RYjub7I/SXSIXcJad2I/AAAAAAAAA8Q/KtGicJeB8Ko/s400/arlo-guthrie-peacep01-ga.jpg=280=400=Yo0cT8a2D4Hb0QGmpIC0Cw=1=hc=669=178=717=268=188=127=128=113566373834327236755=1=113=79

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Woodie Guthrie.. This machine

Al Almuller Woody Guthrie-This Machine Kills Fascists, New York City 1943 …Race hatred cannot stop us This one thing we know Your poll tax and Jim Crow And greed has got to go You’re bound to lose You.

Exhibit Honors America’s Troubadour, Woody Guthrie

Exhibit Honors America’s Troubadour, Woody Guthrie

'woody guthrie at the folk icon remains elusive & understudied' -another Oklahoma singer

American Roots Music: BBC Arena - Woody Guthrie (1988)

If you play more than two chords, you're showing off. ~ Woody Guthrie ~ photo @ Eric Schaal, thank you. Woody Guthrie playing at McSorley's Old Ale House in New York City. The bar is at 15 East St. It opened in 1854 and still operates today.