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Napoleon's mother is the reason behind his love and respect for women

Maria Letizia Bonaparte is Napoleons mom which he loved. She was the reason he loves women so much.

Emperor, general, conqueror, Corsican, patron of the arts and sciences, innovator of modern military tactics and margarine.

Napolean crossing the Alps detail ~ 1850 ~ by Leon Jean Perrault

Appiani, Andrea (1754-1817) - 1805 Napoleon, King of Italy    Andrea Appiani was an Italian neoclassical painter. He was born in Milan. He had been intended to follow his father's career in medicine but instead entered the private academy of the painter Carlo Maria Giudici (1723–1804). He received instruction in drawing, copying mainly from sculpture and prints. He then joined the class of the fresco painter Antonio de' Giorgi, which was held at the Ambrosiana picture gallery in Milan. He…

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Napoleon receiving Louise de Prussia, not to mention Tsar Alexander I.  By Nicolas Louis Francois Gosse.

Napoleon Bonaparte Receiving Queen Louisa Of Prussia Poster by Nicolas Louis Francois Gosse

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Oh my there is a face I recognize--- Napoleon

Napoleon Bonapart- "If I had to choose a religion, the sun as the universal giver of life would be my god. I know he was an Atheist up until the end.


Napoleon and the Easter Insurrection in Corsica, 1792 (painting: Napoleon Bonaparte as a Lieutenant Colonel of the Corsican National Guard by Henri Félix Emmanuel Philippoteaux)

Napoléon Bonaparte by jacques-louis david ("le général Bonaparte"), 1798

Andrea Appiani: Portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte as President of the Italian Republic. 1803.

Andrea Appiani: Portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte as President of the Italian Republic, 1803

Napoléon Bonaparte" - Bing Images  "La foule cherche toujours un meneur, pas par égard pour lui mais pour l'influence qu'il exerce. Le meneur les accueille à bras ouverts, par vanité, ou besoin. Napoléon Bonaparte"

Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military/political leader who rose to power near the end of the French Revolution and its associated wars in Egypt. He ruled as Emperor of the French from 1804 to

On this day in history-On November.21, 1791 Colonel Napoleon Bonaparte is promoted to a full general and appointed Commander-in-Chief of the French Republic's army

Napoleon Bonaparte one of the greatest military leader had also penned down a romantic novel titled "Clissonet Eugenie" which was thinly veiled autobiography of his relationship with clary

Napoleon I, Emperor of the French Resultados de búsqueda

Last portrait of Napoleon I by Pierre Paul Prud'hon