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Aww This is the kind of bf I want. One that'll do stuff that would be considered unusual or weird just to make someone else feel better.

Grandmother In Hospital Was Embarrased To Wear Her Nightgown So Her Grandson Wore One As Well


ƑąᎥ৳ɧ Īɳ ӇմɱąɳᎥ৳ƴ Ʀҽʂ৳σɽҽɖ. Whoever took this pic is a golden human being.

The Power Of Suggestion

I wud soooo do this! I wish I cud find somebody as dumb as me to do this with!


ƑąᎥ৳ɧ Īɳ ӇմɱąɳᎥ৳ƴ Ʀҽʂ৳σɽҽɖ Groomsmen holding up a paralyzed groom so he can kiss his bride BEAUTIFUL!

Faith in humanity restored.

It's the little kindness that reminds us the good side of humanity. I wish everyone was like this. random acts of kindness, acts of kindness stories,

this guinea pig does more then me

Stuff My Guinea Pig Does. funny cute animals adorable animal pets humor funny animals funny pets guniea pig>>>> I wish my guinea pig did this kind of stuff