Diagon Alley REF

This is the online gallery of landscape painter and veteran Disney artist, Michael Humphries. We offer fine art canvas prints of Michael's work.

The Night Stairs in Hexham Abby, Northumberland. Originally built in 674, it was burnt to the ground by Vikings (Halfdan Ragnarsson) in 875. The current church largely dates from 1170-1250, built in the Early English style of architecture.

The Night Stair - Hexham, Northumberland - The night stair in Hexham Abbey, which led to the monks' dormitory. The momentary shaft of sunlight picks out the well-worn steps.

The Omega [Troll Bridge concept art by Svetoslav Petrov.]

Cantic region, Western mountains -- The Omega [Troll Bridge concept art by Svetoslav Petrov.

Metropolis: Best Silent Movie Ever! And best poster for a silent movie ever! #movies #design #poster

Taking my design cues from Metropolis - Fritz Lang (the original poster by Heinz Schulz-Neudamm)

(3) Tumblr

Too old for this website - F - Australia - Museum Studies Student Post Apocalypse / Horror / Macabre / Sci-Fi / Architecture / Games / Nature / History / Whatever Appeals NSFW content is tagged as such.

robot girl

Ed Emshwiller (Emsh)'s cover art for the September 1954 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction, entitled "Robots Repaired While U Wait.

Metropolis, Boris Bilinsky, 1927

CIVIC ARCHITECTURE - hive mentality "Metropolis" Fritz Lang best example of what I think the pats saw the future as is this movie which in some cases I be leave is a acuray discription

What a nice place...such fantastic landscaping and that curvy little walkway over the water is just begging to be traversed!

Learn about the Herring Homes Landscape design; part of the Sarah Eberle Landscape Design portfolio

'Skhayascraper' by South African photographer Justin Plunkett.

Con/struct: The Fictional Urban Architecture of Justin Plunkett. Con/struct is the latest body of work from Cape Town-based artist, designer, and photograp

The Poor's Churchyard, Smithfield. c. 1877

Cloth Fair, next to Smithfield Market. You can see more pictures from the Society for Photographing Relics of Old London in The Ghosts of Old London and In Search of Relics of Old London.