Oh my god. Izzie roasted Alex. Burn!  It bothers me that she ousted walked away for a good job

When Alex tormented Izzie about her past as a model, but she got the last laugh in Grey's Anatomy:

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Looking like crap

Cristina: You should get some sleep. You look like crap. Meredith: I look better than you. Very first episode of Grey's Anatomy

12 años de Grey's anatomy

12 años de Grey's anatomy

for my best friend!

"Because you're the only one who knows me darkly." Meredith to Cristina on Grey's Anatomy, Grey's Anatomy quotes (You're My Person)

So true

Callie Torres: Look, alone people don't like to hear about together people, okay? Even if the alone people are alone by choice, it's sort of mean. It's sort of like bringing a six-pack to an AA Meeting.