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Credits: Model: =faestock BG:*Jin-KStock Flames over model's body: ~shd-stock Pendant, bg fire and birds: my own resources * Painted elements -- I had to use a small version of my watermark, I'll r...

As a child, this was every fantasy character I ever created -- fire and beauty and passion. What the hell does that say about my life?

After eating the boys pass the church and find that it has caught on fire. Ponyboy and Johnny discover that there is children trapped inside and go to rescue them. Ponyboy ends up being the luckier one and is not as injured as Dally but especially Johnny.

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- Colors  - Inspiration  - Love - Passion  -  Twin Flame Kiss

Phase Three – The Dance

Instead of looking at this pic as a couple who is passionate about one another, I choose to see the male/female side of passion within myself! not water color but could easily be adapted x

Just like the center of the Earth, there resides within you a burning, churning core. It ignites your flame of passion, of creativity, and strength. It is a highly powerful, magnetic force field of attraction that when tapped into, allows you to achieve the impossible. Go within and lite your life off that flame. -Bella

Just like the center of the Earth, there resides within you a burning, churning…

Passionate by Akela 73

Passionate by Akela 73

"Love has no labels, no definitions. It is what it is, pure and simple. Love is the water of life. And a lover is a soul of fire! The universe turns differently when fire loves water.

She has immense passion when she finds something she loves.  She found me, and that passion is so fulfilling words simply can not describe it.

Oh Lordy, Lordy! I am like a love drunk teenager! So nice to speak today. Look at what those sparks have started Babe! It's gunna burn for a long, long time!