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Who knew sloths could be so cute? Original pinner: more sloths just hanging around

Baby sloth!

cassielcraven: Look at this little baby sloth. It’s smiling. It’s like… it’s wishing me to have a great Wednesday. I think I’m going to do it… for FLUFFY little baby sloth. Listen to this baby sloth everyone and have a happy Wednesday!

two toed sloth, you're the cutest

This Is What You Need To Know About Sloths

What Better Way To Start Friday Then By Having 22 Incredibly Cute Pictures Of Baby Sloths To Enjoy - We Rule The Internet

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This sloth art print makes a funny gift for any sloth lover, or anyone who just likes funny sloth humor. Advice from a Sloth The original

That Sloth Blog. — primatography: Newest addition to the KSTR sloth...

Gather around the biggest TV it is possible to find because this is likely to be next-level epic. It is an exact funny film about a lot of sloths whose lives aren't as sleepy as you may think

These adorable photos capture the unexpected encounters between photographers and their subjects. Some animals seem to want to help out; others get behind the camera themselves.

21+ Animals That Want To Be Photographers

Maybe a slow nap.

Life In The Slow Lane

Workin' out.

Costa Rica / this edition written and researched by Wendy Yanagihara .