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Darkened, rain slick streets...the wind blows...you pull your coat alittle tighter. Suddenly, you hear footsteps behind you...

Author and editor Rayne Hall gives ideas for writing scary scenes in a novel.

Ice realm Castle

Fairy Tale Castle ~ I noticed that the castle in the sky and heavenly beautiful places are a fairytale to many. But God created royalty, castles, mountains and beautiful places. All of these beautiful things awaits God's children, believe it or not!


Tree House Revisited - what an amazing art! Reminds me of the tree homes of the Na'vi in Avatar but it is somehow more Tolkien inspired.

Turmusaya, a small village in Palestine

Turmusaya, a small village in Falasteen

Beautiful Property

House on the banks of what looks like a river. Any home by the water is a dream to me!

Seaside House, Argyll, Scotland

Stormy Sea, Mont Saint Michel, France photo via cathy Beautifully dark and mysterious.