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I post adorable anime girls. Also, vanilla theme because there's too many friggin complicated themes and I have no idea how to navigate around them.

40 Amazing Anime Drawings And Manga Faces - Bored Art

40 Amazing Anime Drawings And Manga Faces - Bored Art

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:o blue_eyes blush brown_hair bust itou_nanami long_hair looking_away original solo white_background (WR)

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Little Coffee Fox

Planning a Wedding in the Bullet Journal

Planning a wedding in the bullet journal is a great way to keep track of all those little details! Dealing with all of the different dresses and suits can be a headache, but it's a piece of cake in your bullet journal.

Everyone uses their bullet journal differently, but there is one thing every bullet journal enthusiast must do: experiment! Here are 13 bullet journal spreads that can take your bullet journal to the next level, so give them a try today!

13 Bullet Journal Ideas Everyone Should Try Today

Your bullet journal is a tool chest, so fill it with quality tools! Try these bullet journal spreads and see how effective your bullet journal can be.


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