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Les Laines de Debby

Les Laines de Debby

Pick, Card and Process Your Own Wool                                                                                                                                                      More

Process your own wool with the basics of using a wool picker and carder, if you don't own these tools, never fear, wool has been processed with far less sophisticated tools since the beginning of (wo)man.

DIY minimalist carder - a bit more detail on how a drum carder is made.

Spinning Forth - Minimalist Carder. Instructions for building a carding drum.

blending  fibers on a drum carder

Blending fibers on a drum carder. You could use a diz to remove this and create a super ombré single. Repeat this process for two singles to ply together.

How I blend wool and luxury fibers in the art batts.  You can purchase art batts like this one in my shop (http://shopneauveau.com).  You can spin these art batts into gorgeous luxury yarns (see the yarn at the end of this video), or felt them, or use them in other fiber arts projects.  The drum carder I have is a Louet Classic Carder.      You ...

How I blend wool and luxury fibers in the art batts. This Free Tutorial was made by Ashley Martineau Author, Spinning and Dyeing Yarn Boston Area SpinOlution.

bicycle powered carding machine

wool carding - build it yourself - ranks up there with the shopping cart loom and the bicycle spinning wheel

Carding Wool | areturntosimplicity.com This step in the yarn making process is one of my favorites! There is something so cool about taking a raw fleece, and turning it into a fluffy smooth pile all ready for the spinning wheel. I am going to be doing a picture tutorial of two different methods of carding wool today. First, the most basic method: Hand Carding. These two little tools are perfect for hand carding wool. I prefer to use these for small amounts of wool, but you can also use them…

Carding Wool

Picture Tutorial of two easy methods for carding wool. Perfect for beginners or seasoned spinners!

Carding Wool - Making Rolags - YouTube

In this video we show my method of making rolags on the Fancy Kitty Big Tom XL electric drum carder.this method will work on any Fancy Kitty electric.