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Boat to Avalon - Journey Over Water : She is going to Avalon, the island in the mists. it no longer exists in this world, but in the Astral Plane. This lady was a Priestress, commanding the boad by magic.

Lady of the lake, Arthurian Legend: The magical world of Camelot, Merlin, King Aurthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, the Knights of the Round Table, Morgan Le Fay, Avalon...

Lady of the lake, Arthurian Legend. The magical world of Camelot, Avalon.

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Photography

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Photography

If I said to you 'Fondue' darling what does that imply? Do you think cheese or chocolate?...yes of course it's important :) x

Melanie Delon - ooooh, that headdress! and the fierce looking face paint! this is fantasy art with a bit of attitude, very inspiring.

Kali ma- A Hindu mother goddess. She is fierce, and is often shown as a bringer of death. That death is the death of illusion, as she liberates her children from the illusion of the manifest world. Often associated with Shakti, power or force, and is one of the consorts of Shiva.

Check out the Artwork from China based Concep Artist: Fenghua Zhong Website

hades and persephone. http://sandara.deviantart.com/art/hades-and-persephone-2-210920648

Hades and Persephone by *sandara. Persephone has always been my favourite goddess and their story is my favorite in greek mythology

wonder what she's searching for?

medieval princess dressed in a beautiful red dress that depicts the style worn during medieval times

Le prince noir

"Hades and Persephone by *sandara on deviantART (detail) This piece reminds me of characters Dayalan and Lauraisha from the Sylvan Cycle book Skinshifter.