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I didn't cry at all. Okay, maaaybe just a littte bit. I teared up. OKAY, I'M CRYING MY FREAKIN' EYES OF! <--- It's okay, previous pinner. It's going to be alright. *starts sobbing with them* <---- *collective wailing* <----- Ouch. My heart

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Seriously though. James Potter was a much better man than Severus Snape. Whereas James bullied Snape while they were kids and then grew out of it, Snape used his position of power at Hogwarts to bully children.

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Graff this is my favorite character out of any book I have ever read. you dislike him. he is caring, and considerate and selfless. He gets mad easily, SO DO I! You like me ron ah?

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I always want to see Ravenclaws and Slytherins playing Clue and Mafia together.<<<Hufflepuffs too tho, cuz we're particularly good finders, ya know


She loved the cat in the movie, she loves it in real life; they hated the cat in the movie, they hate the cat in real life. They're very much their characters.

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And Sirius is right next to her shouting insults about the way he treated Harry, while lupin glares at snape from the other diode of lily. <<< yesss like I don't feel like lily would have forgiven him for how he treated harry and his friends

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Me dad's a Muggle; Mam's a witch. Bit of a nasty shock for him when he found out. ~ Seamus Finnigan from Ireland, Year

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I am SO glad for this post. When I say I was sorted into slytherin, they just go, oh that's the bad house. But no, and so many things in the movies and books about slytherin that I thought were wrong are all pointed out in this post.